23 Balayage long curly hair color

23 Balayage long curly hair color

Balayage colored hairstyles are among the colors that ladies often prefer. You do not have to completely change your natural hair color. You just add a two-tone light color to your hair. And with balayages you can experience great highlights. It will also look more natural than other hair dyeing techniques.

Big loose curls are among the most popular hairstyles of women. And if you have Balayage hairdo, these curls will show this hair color perfectly. Warm blonde caramel Woman favorite hair colors for balayage. Just take a look at these amazing ideas and choose the best for yourself!

1. Brown Ombre

Chocolate-brown hair color with blÄ balayage, this style is one of the best of ladies, and loose curls, layered cut, really great combination that you should try.

Ombre Brown Balayage Low Long Caramel Wavy Light

2. Long dark hair

If you have a great hairstyle for your dark brown hair, this warm blonde balayage and ombre color, If you want, you can get a completely different look and styling for your hair. We strongly recommend that you try out big wavy and curly hairstyles.

Balayage Brown Highlights Long Caramel Ombre Dark

3. Hair Waves

What a shiny hair color! This honey blonde balayaged long hair looks great ( in fact, there is also the contribution of light ) You can prefer this wavy curly long hair with the following color:

Balayage Waves Warm Tone Smooth Ombre Long Guest Day Curls Copper

4. Hair color ideas 2017

Blonde Balayage Ombre long dark curly 2017

5. Ombre curly hair

Ombre dark curly curls balayage

6. Brown hair braid

Brown Highlights Dark Caramel Weave Types Textures Short

7. Black and silver hair

Silver Gray Black Balayage White Ombre Gray

8. Blond long hair

Long curly blond Balayage swept side layered feathered face

9. Long hair layers

Long Layers of Curly World Straight Ombre Layered Highlights

10. Blond hair

Blonde Balayage Ombre highlights up long

11. Dark brown

Highlights Brown Ombre Dark, curly fashion

12. Silver Black

Black Balayage Silver Ombre Highlights Curly Beach

13. Brown on black hair

Brown Balayage Highlights Black Dark Caramel Thin

14. Caramel Hairy

Caramel Balayage Highlights Summer Spring Short Rich

15. Blond curly hair

Curly natural curls Blonde Balayage Shakira Living

16. Caramel Hair

Balayage Eye Highlights Caramel Warm Updo Trend colors

17. Burgundy red

Red Burgundy Balayage Up Purple Autumnal Artist

18. Dark root copper hair

Ombre Copper Brown Balayage Warm Trendy Rich Red Pink

19. Hair color for long hair

Long waterfall locks type highlights curls color

20. Long light chocolate brown hair

Chocolate long light dark brown Balayage Lovato

21. Caramel highlights

Balayage Highlights Caramel Brown

22. Curly hair

Curly Curls Beachy Waves Permanent Ombre Long Caramel

23. Dark brown hair

Brown Balayage Dark Highlights Caramel Wavy Middle