21 Wedding Table Number Designs ideas

21 Wedding Table Number Designs ideas

A wedding table décor is more complex than you think. There are many different components and everything has to be perfect for this special day. Even a little detail such as the table number can be exploited in numerous ways. Here are a few inspiring examples. Maybe you’ll find something that expresses you as a person or maybe you’ll come with your own idea after you find some inspiration in our examples.

Chalkboard Heath Table Numbers.

You can make heart-shaped table numbers and you can use chalkboard paint on them. Then you can write the numbers with chalk and even a little extra message for each table.{found on polkadotbride}.

Framed chalkboard table.

A similar idea would be to frame the chalkboard table numbers. This way they’ll look like a framed portrait sitting on each table.{found on lovepaperpaint}.

Framed travel pictures.

And speaking of framed decorations, here’s another interesting idea: a picture of your favorite destinations for each of the tables.

Rustic burlap woodland tags.

Also chic and beautiful are these jar decorations. The table numbers are written of tags which are attached to the jars.{found on etsy}.

Rustic style.

Decorate the jars with yarn or burlap and make table numbers from slices of wood. It’s a great look for an outdoor or nature-inspired wedding.{found on eatdrinkchic}.

Antiqued table number.

For a vintage look you can use these antique table numbers, also attached to glass jars. The jars are actually vases filled with tiny flowers.

Rustic manila woodland tags.

Instead of jars you can also use glass bottles. They make great vases and they add a rustic touch to your wedding tables.{found on etsy}.

Wood hearth.

For a cottage chic wedding you could opt for wooden table numbers. These ones are heart-shaped and they’re sitting on a small wooden support.Available for 48$.

Vintage inspired.

A vintage-inspired wedding table number idea. The actual number is cut out from an old book page and glued onto cardstock.Available for 6,75$.

Vintage book! 

Here’s another great idea for a book-inspired design. Make a support from three books held together with ribbon and make the actual table number out of pages from the books.{found on site}.

Triangle flags.

Simple and chic, these table numbers are triangle-shaped and glued onto thin skewers. They look like tiny flags and they can be inserted into the floral arrangements.{found on rachelschultz}.

Flower Vases.

Another nice idea would be to write the table number onto the vase which will be the centerpiece for each table.{found on confettipop}.

Rustic table numbers.

If you prefer something that’s rustic chic you can opt for something like this: table numbers made of wood that’s stained a dark walnut. The numbers are hand painted.


Another example of wooden table numbers but, in this case, the numbers are actually nails inserted into the wood in the shape of a number.

Table Number Napkins.

For an elegant and simple look, you could have napkins with the table number written on them. Everyone sitting on the same table with have the same type of napkin.{found on twigandthistle}.

Bottle style.

To avoid having too many little things on the table, you could have the table number written on a bottle which can either be a vase, a decoration or a drink for the guests.

Moss table numbers.

For a green wedding you could have table numbers made of moss. It’s an interesting look that your guests will definitely notice.{found on site}.

Burlap style.

Also chic and simple, these lavender table numbers will allow you to personalize your wedding décor and to offer your guests a taste of your personality.{found on ruffledblog}.

Old books.

If you’re the type that likes to read and you want your wedding to reflect that, you could have table numbers written onto a book’s cover.


A design similar to the ones featuring wood and nails is this one. In this case, however, the number shapes are highlighted with yarn.


For the crafty type that likes to work with textiles and enjoys DIY projects, we found a lovely idea: table numbers made of buttons and sewed onto cork. Everything is nicely framed.