21 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

21 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year and there are lots of great things about it. This the day when you get to do couple things such as a romantic dinner, a movie and all sorts of other things. It’s also the day when you should look especially sexy and cute. Don’t omit anything. Every details is important. Let’s start with your nails. They should look special too.

In terms of color, red and pink are the obvious choices. But this doesn’t mean they’re the only shades you can use. You can experiment and choose and combinations you want as long as you’re pleased with the result. However, the combo you choose should be somehow related to the holiday. For example, you could choose white or black as a color and you can combine it with red or pink.

The heart shape is also definitely an important symbol. You can incorporate it into your nail art design in numerous ways. It can be a sparkly heart on a single nail just as an eye-catching detail or it can be a pattern. There are also other symbols you can use and you can even write stuff on your nails, “love” being an obvious option. Playful designs can feature a variety of other symbols as well. You can also try a minimalist design or something simple and romantic. But feel free to browse through these examples and choose the ideas you like best.

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