2017 Chic updos for long hair

2017 Chic updos for long hair

2017 Chic updos for long hair

at Updos for long hair for 2017 There are really limitless possibilities. Updos are among the most common formal hairstyles that anyone can accept, regardless of their natural texture and hair type. The updos range from simple knots and buns to more sophisticated styles of twisting and knitting. There are updos for all women out there. So if you do not have the inspiration, look at these pictures to get inspired and get an idea of ​​how to style your chic updo.

Chic updos for long hair for 2017

Messy low bun

Chaotic deep bun is the most popular option for ladies with long hair. Well, this updo works for most women, but the best part is that it’s easy to shape. In order to create an effortless but super stylish updo like this, you have to brush all your curls back and then turn them into a messy low bun. Feel free to use Bobby Pins to secure your bun. To make the bun even more flattering, leave some tendrils in front. Messy Low Bun

Braided ponytail updo

The highlighted strands are perfect as they give the updo a wonderful tone, but also the locks have an incredible styling. So, to replicate this style, you have to turn your hair back and then plait the curls into a flattering fishtail braid. Finish your fishtail ponytail by tying the tips with an elastic band. If you want to make it to a sophisticated hairstyle, then consider a beautiful headband, it will certainly bring some interest in the style. Braided ponytail updo

Braided dog tail

Well, if you decide to give your topknot extra volume, it will make it look even more trendy. This voluminous chignon also has a medium-sized plait that starts at the side and extends backwards where it wraps around the chignon to create a cool look. This headwear is great to take off with your formal outfit. Braided chignon

Twisted bread roll

Hair accessories are important because they can turn a simple hairstyle into something chic and sophisticated. This amazing updo is all about knitting the locks tight. If you plan to recreate it, you’ll need to start by twisting the tresses from the front and ending them in a tight twisted bun. Finish the look with a beautiful brooch that will bring your look to a first-class level. Twisted Bun

Brunette Ombre Upstyle

Updos are developing day by day and there is always something new to create. A simple style like this will definitely make you stand out. The best part of this upstyle is that you do not have to spend a lot of effort to recreate it. It is to make a simple turn at the back of the head from one side to the other and sweep the rest of the strands over the shoulder. Brunette Ombre Upstyle