20 Wedding Photo Ideas You Should Definitely Try

20 Wedding Photo Ideas You Should Definitely Try

Deciding the location of your wedding photos and the style and atmosphere is extremely difficult. These photos will be the reminder of this unique day and you’ll admire them for the rest of your life. Everyone else will also want to see them and your kids will most likely cherish them. So it’s important to make the right decisions. Even as I’m typing this I’m having the same problem: I can’t decide where to take the photos for the wedding day.

There are many possibilities which you can explore. If you prefer a more unconventional approach you can try a cheerful type of photo. For example, as a bride you can make some lovely photos with your bridesmaids. Gather them all in one place and let them surround you on the steps of the church.

The groom can also come up with some funny ideas along with his groomsmen. I really like the idea of jumping on the bed with your best friend and capturing the joy of this special day. The Sneak peak when the groomsmen hold up the groom so he can take a look at his bride is also very fun and ingenious.

The happy couple can also find some lovely ideas just for them. Try something romantic where the bride rests her head on the leg of the groom while they sit in the middle of the road or try a more classical approach, in a forest, in a park or at the beach.

If you want, you can also incorporate your parents in the photos, either directly or through old photos taken when they got married. Whatever you decide, the whole idea is to capture your emotions that day and to let the photos reflect your personality. Don’t try to use clichés if they don’t represent you.