20 wavy hairstyles for long hair

20 wavy hairstyles for long hair

Long wavy hairstyles are very popular and ideal for all women who want to look stylish and chic. Here we have 20 wavy hairstyles for long hair collected, which can inspire for you! Wavy hairstyles are extreme in trends and women of all ages sports long hairstyles with waves. Tease the crown a bit to give your hair volume and shape. Beach Waves They are also perfect for casual looks and special events. Waves can be big and loose, sizable and barely existent or really spiraling. The centrally split long hairstyle with loose waves gives every occasion a modern and stylish look. If you have a heart-shaped or longer face shape, you can go with side-separation styles. Wavy hair also looks great with pony, you can use this style to create a romantic bohemian look. So here are the newest Long hair ideas for women look at these chic and sexy hairstyles and let yourself be inspired!

1. Super long hairstyle for girls

Hairstyles for girls

2. For girls really pretty long hair

Girl with long hair

3. Different colored long hairstyle for girls

Long hairstyles for girls

4. Long hair with curly ends

Long hair girl

5. Half Up Hairstyle for Long Hair

Girl hairstyles for long hair


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Girl hairstyles for long hair-7


Girl Hairstyles for Long Hair-8


Girl Hairstyles for Long Hair-9


Girl Hairstyles for Long Hair 10


Girl Hairstyles for Long Hair-11


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