20 Simple Balayage Short Hair Ideas

20 Simple Balayage Short Hair Ideas

Balayage has been with us for some time. But it still has the power to surprise and mesmerize us. It comes from the French word “sweep”. The idea is to dye the hair with a free hand to give it a very natural look. As it grows, it will no longer show any hard or ugly lines. This makes it perfect for the modern woman who is very busy and always on the go, and just does not have so much time to visit her barber. Here are 45 simple Balayage shorthair ideas that inspire you, categorized by color.

26. Fiery Red Balayage Short Hair

This combination has a cherry red red base and a fiery umbrella at the top. Once again, just spinning the upper strands around your iron curler and creating some treasure bells will present them much better.

fiery red balayage short hair

27. Auburn Red Pixie

If you’ve ever wondered what the hair of a modern fairy would look like, then it’s the right thing to do. It would be a reddish-brown red curry with mandarin strands and blond ends. Remember to keep the roots a little bit darker than the rest of your hair to make it all look more natural.

Maroon red pixie balayage short hair

28. Red Blond Balayage

Mixing and red blonde is always a good idea. Depending on the colors you choose, the result looks like a big scoop of strawberry and vanilla ice cream. And, let’s face it, who would not want that? However, we recommend that you inform your stylist about this combination, and do not try it at home.

Tequila Sunrise Balayage short hair

29. Summer Red Balayage Short Hair

Also in the summer time red and blond go well together. They mimic the colors that you see in nature so you can adapt to the landscapes. Start with a deep red base and use gold blond for the tips.

Summer red balayage short hair

30. Comic Book Red

What could be simpler and more fashionable than Comic Red? You can be your own Scarlet Witch or Black Widow with this amazing Balayage Shorthair idea. The base here is a rich mahogany and the ends are neon red.

neon comic book red balayage short hair

31. Purple Balayage Short Hair

Now it’s time for purple, so let’s see how they are suitable for balayage. The easiest and easiest way to use this color is to apply it on a dark, brunette base. You can even use multiple shades to make it look more organic.

brunette purple balayage short hair

32. Lavender Balayage Short Hair

Probably the most popular purple shade ever, lavender is a pastel girl all over the world just can not get enough. If you opt for balayage instead of a solid color block, it will look much more effortless and natural.

lavender balayage short hair

33. Royal Purple Balayage

If you feel majestic and do not know how to express it, try royal purple. It is a perfect color for the winter holiday. Just think about how awesome your purple New Year’s Eve party dress will look with this purple hair color.

royal-purple balayage short hair

34. Purple and Blue

Real Balayage means more than mixing a tone or shade to get a realistic and natural feel and look. That’s exactly what we’re doing here. This style combines purple and blue strands for added depth and dimension.

purple blue balayage short hair

35. Purple and Turquoise

If you feel creative and a bit crazy about your short balayage hair, you can always wear some turquoise strands in your purple hair. They will completely lighten your appearance and highlight the color of your skin and eyes.

purple turquoise balayage short hair

36. Grape Purple and Blonde

Here is a combination that we could really put behind us. This color is called grape purple and is mixed with sandblond. The result looks like ice swirls and we can not get enough of it. It’s perfect for your simple balayage shorthair ideas.

Grape blonde balayage short hair

37. Orchid Purple Balayage

Meet orchid purple. And when you do that, say goodbye to every other shadow on the planet, because that will be your color forever. Yes, it is so beautiful. Be sure to use multiple shades of purple orchid so that it is true balayage rather than just a block.

Orchid balayage short hair

38. Lilac Long Pixie

This long pixie with side swept pony really gives us maximum jealousy because our hair does not look that way. It’s mixed with a dark plum base, and just look how well it takes deep red lipstick! Just fabulous.

Rosa Balayage short hair

39. Pearl Shine Balayage

There are all kinds of shades of purple in this look. However, what we love most is the white mother-of-pearl threads, which combine everything and give the whole structure of the haircut a fantastic luminosity. The bob just looks lit from the inside.

Lilac balayage short hair

40. Inky Balayage Short Hair

Where should I start with this look? We love everything about it. It is an overgrown or long pixie cut, very pinnate and asymmetrical, with side swept pony. It died in a washed out, inky purple with a few dark purple stripes on the edge. The feather ornaments on one side are also a dream.

Inky Balayage short hair

41. Greens for the profits

We are now entering the final phase of this article, the Green Balayage Ideas. This is the classic dark forest green, with darker roots and slightly lighter tips. You can almost feel how cold it is and how it smells of pine and knotted grass.

Forest green balayage short hair

42. Short hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

This is a shoulder-length bob with green highlights and turquoise lowlights. The base is the same forest green we saw before. However, it also has a bluish tone that you may not see if you are not looking closely.

blue-green balayage short hair

43. Lime Green Balayage Short Hair

Just as the name implies, this is Acid Lime Green on a natural brunette base. It looks like a cartoon or a superhero movie that we absolutely adore. We also love the carefree beach waves.

lime green balayage short hair

44. Peacock Green Balayage

You are not sure which shade to choose? Do not worry. You can always go for peacock and wear them all at the same time. Here is a professional tip – but. Try to find shades that actually fit together well. Shades belonging to the same palette.

Peacock green balayage short hair

45. Moss Green Balayage

As much as we are in love with the color itself, because we are so dark, rich and shiny, we noticed something else. The model decided to add something more to the hairstyle. There is a blue stripe right behind her head that makes this cut very architectural.

moss green balayage short hair


Here are the 45 simple Balayage Short Hair ideas we promised. They are divided into categories so it’s much easier for you to find what you need. You have blonde, brunette, red, purple and green. Now all you have to do is decide which shade to get!