20 Scrumptious Fall hair colors

20 Scrumptious Fall hair colors

From summer look to fall look is not always easy, but we think we can make this transition easier with our fall hair colors. Of course, they are inspired by nature, because what is more beautiful in autumn than nature itself? So, sit back, relax, scroll through our fifty ideas and find the one you love the most. Although we have to warn you. They are all so gorgeous that it might be difficult for you to pick just one.

1. Rainy Day Gray

There may be many days in the fall when you wake up to the sound of rain on your windows. The colors outside, however, can be your source of ingenuity. This gray tone is rainy day and we think we are romantically in love with him.

Rainy day fall hair colors

2. Cloudy Day Gray

If the rainy day was not enough for the fall colors, how about gray days with a cloudy day? This is a subdued dark gray that melts into a fine, almost white tone as it reaches the tops of the strands.

cloudy day fall hair colors

3. Autumn Sunset

Is there anything better than an autumn sunset? The pale blue and gray sky only seems to burn with thousands of reds and oranges. This is the shadow you are going for. It works well if you have blue eyes.

Autumn sunset fall hair colors

4. Bronde case hair colors

If you are not a fan of whimsical, nature-inspired hair colors and want to keep things as simple as possible, we have a solution for you. Meet the Bronde. It’s a combination of blond and brown, hence the name.

bronde fall hair colors

5. White honey

No list of fall hair colors would be complete without a pale blonde. This shade is called white honey because of its uncanny resemblance to sweet joy. The most amazing thing is that it blends perfectly into a winter color.

white honey autumn hair colors

6. Pumpkin Spice

Yes, that’s the color you were waiting for, we know. In the fall everything has to be seasoned with pumpkin, including the hair. Combine it with matte brown lipstick and golden metallic make-up. Make sure your eyebrows are well defined.

Pumpkin spice fall hair colors

7. Halloween autumn hair colors

If you’re a real fall fanatic, you may even have a special hair color for Halloween. It can be a neon shadow of Jack-o-Lantern. The right Halloween accessories are a must in this case, as is the dramatic make-up.

Halloween autumn hair colors

8. Dark Phoenix

To be more specific, this combination of colors is actually a dark phoenix base peppered with the following neon colors: orange, fuchsia, and yellow. This is not for the faint of heart, but what wonderful hair colors are that.

Dark Phoenix with neon colored fuschia, orange, yellow hair colors

9. Mustard autumn hair colors

You may wonder what mustard has to do with fall. Nothing. However, the shadow is absolutely dying and it is one that you will definitely see around you when the leaves turn yellow.

Mustard fall hair colors

10. Tangerine case hair colors

Not in mustard and looking for something sweeter and a bit warmer? How about tangerine? Keep in mind that this shade requires minimal or nude make-up because it is already as heavy on the eye as it is.

Tangerines fall hair colors

11. Dark green autumn hair colors

After the oranges we now talk about the greens that you can wear this fall. This is a dark green that looks almost like moss or lichen. It’s perfect in combination with a pumpkin-colored eye shadow for the ultimate fall look.

dark green autumn hair colors

12. Misty Green Fall Hair Colors

This is a muted green tone, for those of you who want to wear an unconventional color, but still have to adhere to the office dress code. In certain lighting conditions, it can almost be considered gray and we love that.

Foggy green hair falling hair colors

13. Forest Green

How about if you wear the whole forest in your hair this autumn? This color is unbelievably fresh, cold and shiny. You can start with a dark moss base and make it a little brighter as it reaches the tops of your locks.

Forest green hair fall hair colors

14. Lunar Tides

Although this hue is called lunar lunar, this is actually a slate gray combined with juniper greens. And it’s just as amazing as you might think when it comes to hair colors. A burgundy or any other dark lip is required here.

Lunar Tide Hair Slate Gray Juniper green fall hair hair colors

15. Tawny case hair colors

We could not have made it through this list without mentioning Tawny and the amazing appeal it has during the fall season. The best part is that you can combine it with your eyeshadow and create a continuum.

tawny fall hair farber

16. gingerbread autumn hair colors

Continuing the list of fall foods that can inspire our hair colors as well as gingerbread is here. A good way to wear it is the boho-chic style. You can braid a few tiny braids while creating some messy beach waves.

Gingerbread fall hair colors

17. Penny case hair colors

This brown tone is called Penny and is one of our favorites. We are also thrilled with how it was styled on this track. It has scattered little white flowers over it, which are of course not compulsory, but we think you should still wear them just because they are so pretty.

Penny fall hair colors

18. Peanut Fall hair colors

More like peanut butter than peanut itself, this hair color looks really delicious. Guess what? You can combine it with a light red lipstick or grape and make yourself a peanut butter and jelly look this fall.

Peanut fall hair colors

19. Umber case hair colors

This shade of smoky blonde is called Umber and we can not get over how great he looks, especially on a pale complexion. Combine it with soft pink lipstick and eyeshadow and you can actually look like a ballerina.

Umbra fall hair colors

20. Wood case hair colors

Have you always dreamed of looking like an Italian model? Then an abbreviation for amazing hair. This brown shade is called wood and can work wonders if you have blue eyes. You could even make the cover of Vogue!

Wood autumn hair colors


These fifty scrumptious fall hair colors are perfect for transitioning from the hot to the cold seasons. They are all inspired by nature, which means they fit perfectly into the exterior decor. Write us in the comment section and let us know which one of your favorites is!