20 beautiful updos for short hair

20 beautiful updos for short hair

20 beautiful updos for short hair

With such a huge variety of stars with short hair updos, you can be sure that you are not alone in your desire for over the shoulder locks. There’s Adele, Scarlet Johansson, Emma Watson, Robin Wright, Evan Rachel Wood, and so many more to come with you and inspire you, of course.

But it may always be easy to style these short hair updos if you do not have a team of stylists at your side every day. With this idea, we’ve decided to put together a list of 70 short hair updos that are easy to pull, style and natural to wear. Scroll down because we have many surprises in style.

1. The short bob with a comb

Here’s an amazing way to keep your short and straight bob interesting. Instead of dividing your hair in the middle, you can always comb it over the top of your head and even your bottom, if you come up a bit to give it a retro vibe.

The short bob with a comb

2. Updo for short hair with flowers

You can copy this hairstyle for a special event, such as a party, celebration, your birthday, or even for a wedding, whether it’s yours or the bridesmaid. Further inspiration for bridesmaid hairstyles can be found in our particular piece.

Updo for short hair with flowers

3. The Emma Watson

No list of short hair updos could be complete without queen of the internet Emma Watson. When she cut off all her hair after the end of the Harry Potter movies, the whole world was panting. Needless to say, because she looked fantastic.

The Emma Watson

4. Double Dutch braids

If you have short hair, the easiest way to create a false mohawk is to put two Dutch braids close together. You’ll need a lot of bobby pins, but the result is totally worth it.

Double Dutch braids

5. Older updos for short hair

Apart from the really great red shade of red that this lovely lady wears, we also love her sophisticated updo. It’s perfect for a wedding when you need to be elegant and perfectly balanced.

Older updos for short hair

6. Simple updo for short hair

To copy this look, you need to divide your hair into three separate strands. Tie them together with hair ties and twirl them around until you get three small messy knots that resemble a crown on the neck.

Simple updo for short hair

7. Chic updos for short hair

No time? No problem. Take the advice we have given above for the simple knots, and make only one instead of three. Make sure to pull out a few strands of hair and let them go so they can frame your face.

Chic updos for short hair

8. Everything in one

If you can not decide which short hair updos you want, you can always combine some of them. For example, this is a straight, asymmetrical, blonde bob with red and dark laces, a very puffy top and a plait at the front.

All in one

9. The Marion Cotillard

The French actress has come up with a very outlandish look for this red carpet we really love. The best part of everything is the straight ends of her bobs, which make for a very architectural haircut.

The Marion Cotillard

10. Three stacked bread rolls

As the name suggests, this type of short hair updos consists of three simple messy knots that you can stack on top of each other until you get something that resembles a good Mohawk.

Three stacked bread rolls

11. Boxer braids

Yes, as you may have noticed in all our suggestions, short hair can also be braided. So why not try some nice boxer braids that end right at the neckline instead of sitting in the back?

Boxer braids

12. Stunning updos for short hair

The reason we love this updo is that it does not look like you do not even have short hair. So, if you have to go to a special occasion, this is a nice change from your everyday look.

Stunning updos for short hair

13. Bantu knot updos for short hair

This hairstyle is an interpretation of traditional Bantu notes. The difference is that instead of making all your hair, you simply create two oversized knots on your head.

Bantu knot updos for short hair

14. The Keira Knightley

We all agree that the British actress can definitely bring her when she’s on the red carpet. Here she is wearing a wavy short pixie adorned with a headband made of small scarlet flowers that fits her brown hair perfectly.

The Keira Knightley

15. About and Under

If you want to copy that look, you can find tutorials online, ask a friend to do it for you, or just go to your stylist. Apart from that, you must remember to use quality hair care products to make sure your short hair stays in place.

Over and under

16. Twisted updos for short hair

This chaotic updo has a vertically textured knot and four twisted braids on each side to work with him. It looks complicated, but you’ll be surprised how easy it is to get home right away.

twisted updos for short hair

17th Festival updos for short hair

We all know that short hair is a real blessing in the summer because of the heat and humidity. But what are you doing when it’s festival time and you want to look good? You copy this look and style of course.

Festival updos for short hair

18. Relaxed updos for short hair

This hairstyle is perfect for a lazy Sunday or even a tired Monday morning if you’re not in the mood for something. Tie your hair at the back of your head as loosely as possible and you can go through the door.

Relaxed updos for short hair

19. The Michelle Williams

The actress looks fabulous with this ultra-short pixie that complements and extends her round face. We are also in love with the feathery ending that is as feminine and vibrant as they come.

The Michelle Williams

20. The Evan Rachel Wood

We believe the actress never looked better than she does now with this amazing wind-powdered fairy. To copy the look, use a handful of mousse or hair wax that holds all strands in place.

The Evan Rachel Wood