1950’s House Gets A Stylish Remodel And An Extension

1950’s House Gets A Stylish Remodel And An Extension

This stunning contemporary residence is the result of a remodel, a project developed by Harrison Design Associates in collaboration with Allen Associates. The original house which was the starting point for the project was built in the 1950s. Recently it got a remodel and it became the modern residence you see now. The house also got an extension.

The new and improved design of the residence features a series of very beautiful details such as the pivot front door and the exquisite interior design.

Originally, the house had a separate living room as well as a dining room and a kitchen. Now there’s an open plan which includes all three spaces. The kitchen features a very beautiful island with glass counter top and a large window that lets in lots of light and connects the space with the outdoor areas.

The dining room offers marvelous views and it has expansive windows to capture them. The indoor-outdoor connection is very important in this case. The property also has beautiful outdoor living spaces, a stunning backyard with a waterfall and a lovely garden.

The fences that separate the property from the surroundings are particularly beautiful and they add elegance to the whole design while also maintaining cohesiveness throughout the modern décor. But the remodel didn’t focus only on making the house more modern and beautiful but also on making it more energy-efficient.