1930’s Summer Cottage With A Simple But Charming Interior

1930’s Summer Cottage With A Simple But Charming Interior

Every year when summer comes around we tend to get tired of our houses, especially if we live in an apartment, and we wish we could go away for a while and relax in a tiny summer home. It’s so nice to wake up in the morning without being disturbed by the sound of all the cars passing by and people yelling.

This lovely cottage is the perfect summer retreat. It’s small but this only makes it more charming. Simple, in this case, means delightful and beautiful. The cottage was built in 1930 and a few years later it got transformed into a summer house. It’s surrounded by beautiful vegetation and the fact that it’s so close to nature and in the middle of it makes it particularly beautiful.

It has a little porch at the entrance and a simple but very lovely design. The interior is bright, warm and inviting. The wood-paneled walls and the wooden floors and ceilings create a very cozy atmosphere inside. As for the rest of the décor, it’s composed of soft textures, comfortable furniture and elements that are somewhere between modern and traditional.{found on lantliv}.

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