19 Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas Designed For A Beautiful Experience

19 Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas Designed For A Beautiful Experience

Although weddings in general follow a very similar pattern, each one of them is unique. There is much room for customization and lots of ways in which to make the experience feel personal. One important element is the wedding favor each guest receives, which is a tradition found all over the world. A way of personalizing the event even more would be to opt for DIY favors and we know a lot about that. Here are 20 wonderful ideas you can use for your wedding or recommend to someone.

A lovely idea for a spring wedding but usable in any season is to offer the guests succulent favors. What we mean by that is to plant small succulents in jars or small containers and put tags on each one.{found on frolic}.

A popular option is to offer the guests something they can use such as treats or something to drink which the bride and groom have made themselves. For example, these limoncello wedding favors look quite wonderful.{found on weddingclan}.

Another popular thing is to offer the guests photos or polaroids of the happy couple. This way they can remember the event and have something to add to their photo collection.{found on emmalinebride}.

You can also choose to offer your guests something different, also usable such as citrus salts for example. They’re very easy to prepare and all you need is some jars or containers which you can personalize.{found on ramshackleglam}.

You can save space, time and money by combining the wedding favors and the seating cards into one item. These seem to be some sort of packed treats with tags, placed inside shots glasses.

A very interesting idea is to replace the labels on the bottles with something you’ve made yourself. For example, these water bottles have been beautifully personalized. To take things even further, fill them with something special.{found on tipjunkie}.

Matchbox wedding favors are also very interesting and they’ve become quite popular lately. The idea is simple: you make a bunch of matchboxes with your names on them. If you can’t do that, then simply paint them with chalkboard paint and then personalize them however you want.{found on liagriffith}.

A simple and easy to make wedding favor idea is a pack of granola. Take small paper bags, make tags r labels and, once filled, decorate them elegantly. You can also use stamps to either customize the bags with the names of each guest or to write granole on them like in this case.{found on myownlabels}.

Mason jar wedding favors are very popular and they leave lots of room for imagination. They tend to have a rustic feel so decorate them with twine and handmade labels or tags. Inside, you can offer anything you want.{found on thebridelink}.

Offer your guests something sweet like, let’s say candy. But don’t pick just one type. You can divide small boxes into different compartments, as many as you need.{found on confettipop}.

Candy apples bring back many memories for each one of us. So why not use them as wedding favors so each guest can have a happy surprise.. They’ll also be great conversation starters.{found on intimateweddings}.

If you like edible wedding favors, then try something a little different. For example, these candy-coated cashews look delicious and quite interesting as well. They’re not candy but they’re pretty close and maybe even better.[found on intimateweddings}.

Perfect for a rustic wedding, these pumpkin spice granola bars can be the thing to make your wedding special and memorable. Offer your guests a healthy start and choose something easy-to-make and special.{found on ohsweetbasil}.

In the case of the wedding favors, it’s not all about the thing you offer to your guests but also about the wrapping and the way it is presented. A lovely idea can be to make personalized favor bags. These, for example, are customized using stamps.{found on site}.

Here’s another edible wedding favor idea: fried almonds. They’re delicious, not messy at all and easy to pack. For a simple and chic look, use simple paper bags with personalized labels.{found on myownlabels}.

Although it may take you some time to make all these favors, it can be nice to offer your guests something you’ve prepared yourself such as lemon shortbread for example. Offer it in clear glass jars and make personalized labels with your names.{found on intimateweddings}.

This particular wedding favor idea can be great for a beach wedding. These are sea glass pendants put inside small glass vials. To make them, you need silver jump rings, cord necklaces, sea glass and glass vials.{found on intimateweddings}.

Perfect for an autumn or winter wedding, these tea wedding favors will definitely be something your guests will enjoy using. Pick your favorite tea flavors and make personalized tags for each little pack.{found on site}.