18 men long formal hair

18 men long formal hair

You need the best leader for long hair, and at least you can follow us for amazing long hairstyle men or women. In this gallery we bring really stylish Long formal hairstyles for men together , This style is really unique and especially because men with long hair look very attractive and different from the others. And in these amazing 18 pictures of formal long hair for guys, you can find really stylish look. Take a look at this amazing long hairstyles and make your choice:

1. Long formal hair

Not too long, but not so short, this amazing, medium length, wavy hairstyle will look good on business people.

Long Formal Hair, Mens, Henry, Gandy, Cavill, Tom, Mens, Matt

2. Attractive Hair

Slicked back hairstyle is one of the best options for formal long hair. That’s really noble and cool.

Attractive Hair, Short, Robert, Pattinson, Long, Jared, Gentlemen, Men

3. Fashion Hair

If you love fashion and are fashionable, you should also take care of your hair. And here you are a great example of classic out-fit and long hair combination.

Fashion Hair, Laurent, Autumn, Saint, Men, Long, Formal

4. Man Bun Hair

Men’s buns look really cute and bohemian. Especially if you love nature, you have to try this male bun hairstyle once in a lifetime!

Man Bun Hair, Lang, Chris, Robert, Pattinson, Men, Hemsworth, Rob

5. Layered long hairstyle

Layered Long Hairstyle, Men, Men, Kurt, Cobain, 205

6. Returned hair

Returned Hair, Robert, Gentlemen, Men, Medium, Leonardo

7. Celebrity hair

Celebrity Hair, Avanjogia, Kids, Emmy, Awards, Red, Choice

8. Straight hair

Straight Hair, Lang, Reedus, Norman, Mens, Keanu, Reeves

9. Emil Andersson

Emil Andersson, Emilandersson, Delevingne, Cara, View, Up

10. Malcolm Lindberg

Malcolm Lindberg, Malcolmindberg, High, Pretty, Model

11. Wavy hair

Wavy Hair, Men, Medium, Wide, Road, Short, Men, Long, Length

12. Hot hair

Hot Hair, Boys, Momoa, Lang, Leto, Jason, Jared, Men, Jl

13. Asian hair

Asian hair, Norman, Lang, Jared, Winchester, Viggo

14th man bun hair

Man Bun Hair, Tom, Leto, Jared, Dicaprio, Chris, Leonardo

15. Blond hair

Blond Hair, Wedding, View, Tuxedo, Prince, Photography, Groom

16. Kit Harington

Kit Harington, Chris, Pine, Men, Jamie, Dornan, Tom

17. Trendy hair

Trendy Hair, Gandy, Fashion, David, Vaio, Men, Men, Mariano, Man, Tue

18. Brad Pitt Hair

Brad Pitt Hair, Jamie, Henry, Fashion, Dornan, Cooper, Celebrity