15 Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas

15 Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Planning a winter wedding is not easy because it’s a different process than, let’s say, planning a summer wedding. Winter wedding are more rare and so there are fewer options when it comes to choosing all the little details. The wedding bouquet, for example, is something you have to consider. It can’t be a very fresh and colorful bouquet because it doesn’t go well with everything else surrounding you. It can be, for example, a white bouquet made with flowers that are accessible this season.

Another option is not to use fresh flowers. Instead you could have a more nontraditional bouquet. For example, you can make your own bouquet. You can make it out of buttons, fabric scraps or out of paper. I had a paper bouquet for my wedding and it wasn’t even winter. If you decide to use fresh flowers, consider species that are not very delicate and can withstand changes in temperature because you’ll be taking the bouquet with you everywhere you go.

The bouquet can also feature seasonal elements such as berries, pine cones and conifer clippings. It can also have an unusual shape. For example, the bouquet can be shaped like a snow flake. You can also incorporate Christmas ornaments in the bouquet as well as twigs and branches. And since it’s cold outside and your hand will be freezing, you can wrap the bouquet in something fluffy and cozy to keep you warm.

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