15 Reusable And Cool Water Bottles For The Active Types

15 Reusable And Cool Water Bottles For The Active Types

It’s important to stay hydrated, especially when you’re working out or exploring nature. And to show your dedication, you can find all sorts of great accessories, starting from the most simple of all: a reusable water bottle. There are tons of models to choose from and not all of them are practical or good-looking. The secret is finding the cool water bottles that expertly combine these features.

The Tritan water bottle is the perfect example to start with. It has a simple design and five bright LED lights embedded in its cap. The lights are powered by a tiny solar panel and this allows the bottle to also be used as a night light when camping for example.Available on site.

The Square also has an innovative design but in a different sense. Its name is suggestive of the shape. By adopting a square shape, the bottle gains stability. Also, both ends can be unscrewed and detached which makes cleaning very easy.Available on site.

But different designs focus on different things. The Grayl water filtration cup, for example, has a very effective filtration system that removes 99.99% of bacteria in tap water. It does this in three steps. First the cylindrical container is filled with water, then it’s pressed in the mesh filter and after that the water is clean.

The Beat Bottle was designed specifically for working out, although it’s pretty versatile. It has a silicone structure with a slim side compartment where you can hide your phone and keep it safe and secure.Available on site.

As we mentioned before, it’s very important to stay hydrated. However, it’s difficult to do this when you’re busy and there’s nobody to remind you to drink fluids. But now the HydraCoach water bottle can do this for you, becoming your personal assistant in a way. The bottle calculates your personal hydration needs, keeps track of your fluid consumption and motivates you to reach your goals.Available on site.

The design of this Aquamira water bottle doesn’t really stand out but this doesn’t make it any less interesting. In fact, this bottle has a very practical feature called Bite-Me. In order to drink water you have to bite the straw. When you’re done, bite again and this shuts off the flow. There’s no need to even tip the bottle up.

The Hydros bottle filters your water in just 15 seconds. It manages that with a coconut-based activated carbon. In addition, the design is really simple and practical. Fill the bottle from the side and twist to close the top.Available on site.

It’s always so annoying to have no place for your keys or money when you’re out jogging or working out. It’s a problem that the Sport+Store water bottle solves with a simple design. It has an unscrew-able bottom with a compartment for all these small things.Available on site.

Another problem is space. So where do you keep your water bottle when it’s empty? Perhaps this is not an issue for everyone but it’s definitely the major focus for the Sip N Go water bottle. It has a clever design which makes it collapsible and small enough to fit in a pocket. It’s dishwasher safe and can hold up to 500 ml of water.Available on site.

In case you have several water bottles and storing them becomes a problem, take a look at Tritan. It’s a really simply designed water bottle and it’s stackable. So if you have several of these you can store them easily without wasting a lot of space.

The Bobble water bottle doesn’t have any hi-tech features to impress with. What it has is a very simple and clear design and a filtration system which actually filters the water on the go. It works with a replaceable carbon filter good for 300 single serving bottles.Available for $10.

Sure, drinking water is healthy but water starts to become boring at one point, making you crave other flavors. A lot of reusable bottles are only designed to hold water but not Aqua Zinger. This one has a built-in grinder cup at the bottom which allows you to add fresh flavors to your water using fruits, herbs or vegetables.Available for $25.

The Lifefactory bottle is interesting because it’s made of glass and, unlike the plastic or metal ones, it doesn’t release a bad taste into the water. To avid breakage, the bottle features a silicone sleeve which is dishwasher safe.Available for $23.

Having to carry the bottle in your hand when you’re jogging pretty much ruins the whole experience. It’s why these recyclable plastic bottles were designed with a special shape created specifically so you can attach them to your waist if you choose so or to fit perfectly into your hand making the whole experience less annoying.Available for $13.

If you want to take your favorites shakes with you at the gym or simply out when you’re jogging, the Alex bottle lets you do that with its clever design. The bottle twists apart at the center and this way it becomes easy to clean. Also, it comes in two versions and the tops and the bottoms and be mixed and matched.Available on site.