14 DIY Jewelry Out Of Eco-Friendly Natural Wood

14 DIY Jewelry Out Of Eco-Friendly Natural Wood

Wood is a material that’s more and more popular in jewelry. What makes it so special and nice is its natural warmth and the versatility it offers. It’s also great to work with when you’re doing a DIY project. So here’s how you can make your own jewelry and accessory using wood among other materials.

This bracelet has a little bit of everything. It’s simple, it’s classy and it also has a little bit of spark. To make it you need Swarovsky crystal roundels, wood beads, black dish beads, string and a large needle.{found on thanksimadeitblog}.

These lovely earrings are made of wood and they can be done two ways. First you have to cut out the desired shapes out of wood, paint them and glue them together if it’s the case. Make a hole near the top and squeeze the ring through it.{found on themerrythought}.

This is a necklace made with pom-poms and wooden beads. You first have to attach the wooden beads and wrap the twine around them. Then make the pom-poms and attach them to the necklace with a needle and thread.{found on wrappedupinrainbows}.

This necklace is extremely simple. It’s made of a single piece of wood and what makes it so beautiful is the texture of the wood as seen when you slice the wood. Basically all you have to do after you slice a branch is to drill a hole and that’s all.{found on adailysomething}.

To make this necklace you’ll need a gold marker, wood trivets and ribbon. Just paint the pattern you want on the wood pieces and then thread the ribbon through each one of them until you reach the desires length for the necklace.{found on kaamhandmade}.

With just 5 wooden beads and a ribbon or twine you can make an awesome necklace. First of all, paint the wooden beads any color you want with any kind of paint you want. Then insert the ribbon or twine through the beads and that’s all.{found on blahblahmagazine}.

Here’s how you can make a lovely bracelet using wooden beads and stretch cord. Measure 3 strands of cord, hold the ends together and thread the cord through the first bead. Then pull the ends through and wrap them around the bead. Repeat the process for the rest of the beads.{found on playfullearning}.

For this statement necklace you need wooden shapes, popsicle sticks, plastic canvas, a hot glue gun, felt, gold spray paint, eye pins, a chain and jump rings. You basically arrange the wooden shapes any way you want and you glue them onto the canvas.{found on mintedstrawberry}.

You can also make yourself some beautiful wooden rings. You need scrap pieces of hardwood, a drill, a scroll saw, belt sander and finish. Make a hole about the size of your finger and trim around it. Then shape the ring as you want and give it a nice finish.{found on themerrythought}.

To make this necklace, you need wooden beads, ribbon, chain, paint and optional glitter or white glue. First you paint all the beads and then you add glitter if you want. Then thread them onto the ribbon and add a length of chain to the necklace if you want.{found on themostdelightfuladventure}.

This is a necklace made from a tiny branch. You first cut the branch the length you want and insert the metal heads at each end. Let it dry and then screw the colored threads in different sections. Put the locks in the chain with the rings.{found on annaevers}.

If you already have a wooden bangle or bracelet, you can give it a more colorful look. You need to use tape to make the pattern you want and then you use different colors of paint to finish the design.{found on designimprovised}.

You can also make a bracelet out of a branch. It would have to be very thin and flexible. You basically just wrap it around your wrist and give it the shape you want. Then you insert a few beads and you glue the ends in place.{found on touchedubois}.

Here’s how you make colorblock bracelets. First you need the wooden bracelets. Then you use tape to delimitate the middle line. After that, you want one side, leaving the other untouched.{found on warmhotchocolate}.