107 Animal Print Nails Art To Highlight Your Wild Side

107 Animal Print Nails Art To Highlight Your Wild Side

Animal prints have been a very popular style for quite some time and for many reasons. First introduced in fashion and clothing, this style was usually associated with expensive items and considered rather exotic. It quickly became a symbol of wealth and status and kings and queens started to adopt it. The style used to be very popular in the 1960s but, with time, it lost its popularity.

Nowadays the symbolism of animal prints radically changed. It’s no longer associated with wealth and it’s usually seen as a poor reproduction of the original. Nevertheless, there is a field where the trend seems to gain fans. We’re talking about nail art. Bold patterns are very appreciated here and you might be interested to know that animal print nails offer many options and possibilities.

Maybe you’d like to try the leopard print, the tiger print or snake print. There are also many other options, some of which can be cute or unusual. Everyone has a favorite animal so choose that as your point of reference. Also, don’t limit yourself to the original color palette. Try new approaches and invent new looks. Use any colors you like and adapt the pattern to your own liking.

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