10 Ways To Express Your Love Through Friendship Bracelets

10 Ways To Express Your Love Through Friendship Bracelets

Good friends are hard to come by. So appreciate the ones you have and show your affection by crafting a cute friendship bracelet for them. There are tons of interesting designs to choose from. We’ve gathered 10 of them and we’ll show you how to make them.

If you’re already familiar with the chevron patterned friendship bracelet, then a simple modification will let you create a heart pattern. Complete one half of the chevron pattern then continue with the other half in reverse.{found on honestlywtf}.

Add a little bit of pizzazz to your friendship bracelet by using beads. You’ll need the following supplies: embroidery thread, a crochet hook, seed beads, jewelry clasps, a needle and scissors.{found on blogalacart}.

These rainbow friendship bracelets are really easy to make too. You need leather cording and paint in different colors. Finish the bracelet by sealing the paint with a bit of fabric mod podge.{found on starsforstreetlights}.

Experiment with different patterns and color combinations. Basically, all the supplies you need include embroidery thread, tape and a pair of scissors.{found on honestlywtf}.

Here’s a design that’s really simple and which looks absolutely beautiful. You’ll need to combine three colors, preferably similar but you can feel free to include any three shades you like. This is a weave bracelet.{found on usefuldiy}.

Polka dots are always cute and chic so why not try to include this idea into your design for the perfect friendship bracelet? First craft the bracelet and then add the polka dots using thread in a contrasting color and a needle.{found on freepeople}.

This would have to be one of the simplest and fastest designs ever. Choose three colors of embroidery thread and follow the instructions in the images.{found on heywanderer}.

And then there’s also the simple braided friendship bracelet, also super simple to make. First cut the thread, make a knot and then start braiding. Tie the end knot and that’s all.{found on site}.

If you want something a bit more glamorous, try also incorporating beads, metallic sequins and rhinestone crystals into your design.{found on forthemakers}.

Here’s how you make a classic friendship bracelet: cut the thread, fold in half and make a loop and then simply tie lots and lots of knots.{found on site}.