10 wavy haircuts for medium-length hair – Color Me Gorgeous!

10 wavy haircuts for medium-length hair – Color Me Gorgeous!

The latest wavy haircuts for medium length hair are just gorgeous! And new colors are always a new way to enhance our sex appeal, right? These natural-blonde / brunette color designs are all soft tones in ways that are perfect to flatter our less than perfect faces! LOL! Come in and discover a fantastic selection of flattering wavy hairstyles in the latest combinations of silver, tin, lavender, gold, copper and beige!

Pearly Balayage on Ash-Blonde – wavy hair cuts for medium-length hair

Most popular wavy haircuts for medium length hair, medium hairstyles 2018

There is nothing more beautiful than this shimmering pearl-blond shade catching the light like a gem! This long, angled bob is a lightweight hairstyle with a nice, casually tousled finish. And to give this hue a pale skin with a warm undertone, there are subtle mixed beiges and pink toners to warm up the cool, ash blonde color. The champagne blonde sunglasses framed the face with a trendy and feminine, wavy haircut!

Golden-beige wavy hair cuts for medium-length hair

Most popular wavy haircuts for medium length hair, medium hairstyles 2018

This is a fabulous way to wear fine hair in an elongated style without looking thin and lanky! Fine hair is so silky that it tends to be close to the head, which can be unfavorable and not very interesting. But if you choose a medium-length haircut, you can show the silky texture and get extra volume of ripples and clever coloring. Medium-length hair with textured lace keeps the full density of your fine hair, but is light enough to be “fluffed up” for a thicker look. And this beautiful mix of bright golden brown shades is highlighted with beautiful metallic gold. And pale gold blond fits middle tones with a warm undertone, as you can see from the beautiful face frame curls!

Mid-beige extreme praise – smooth or wavy haircut for medium-length hair

Most Popular Wavy Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair, Medium Hairstyles 2018
These two shots of the same medium length haircut show its versatility and the effects of expert balayage techniques. Of the smoothly bent bob On the left is a modern, steeply-curved bob with a nice mix of 4 or 5 beige tones in vertical highlights. And the same haircut with extra waves gives the hair a completely different look. Forward spinning waves show more of the darker layers underneath and you get a more edgy look from the sharp textured tips! This style has a midsection that looks best on oval faces.

Young & casual mid-length wavy haircut with blond waves

Most popular wavy haircut for medium length hair, medium hairstyles 2018

Here is a beautiful hair design that encourages long hair wearers to move to something stylish. It’s an easy-care long bob with a strong back-to-front angle that ends just behind the collarbone. The darker roots are not too dark – and this softens the effect so as not to be obtrusive. The light ashen roots look completely natural and a touch of golden blond gives the light blonde Ombré warmth. Mid-length layers add volume around the crown and relaxed waves, hidden behind one ear, complete this young and trendy look!

Beautiful boho metallic silver & white Tin blonde balayage tousled long bob

Most Popular Wavy Haircuts for Medium-Long Hair, Medium Hairstyles 2018

Here’s how to balance your hairstyle between stunning color and a simple cut! This is another type that can be achieved on medium or fine hair, as the layers are long at a slight angle from the shorter back. Styles that have the same length or slightly angled retain the entire available density of your hair. The tips are blunt cut to add volume, with texture in the straight ends breaking the line for a casual look. The pony is a modern, straightforward style that’s back in fashion. And the loose waves and the spiky, spiny tips are wonderfully selected in a range of white, beige, silver and vermillion metallic shades!

Chic Chunky Waves on Pewter & Purple Ash Blonde Medium Hairstyle

Most popular wavy haircuts for medium-length hair, medium hairstyles 2018

What a great new color idea it is! It’s a balanced mix of all the latest blonde color trends! I can see ash, beige, pearl, white and purple, all cleverly placed to highlight the rough waves and uneven peaks in a beautiful high-fashion look. The hair has long layers that end a few inches above the shaggy bottom edge. And that makes the hair bright enough to add volume from defined, random waves. This style is a true trendsetter, full of refined color, wavy texture and a shaggy finish. Medium and fine hair types will look fabulous in this hair design!

Asymmetrical wavy bob to minimize a big nose

Most popular wavy haircuts for medium length hair, medium hairstyles 2018

This fun and flirty look is also one that can help minimize a prominent nose or chin! The cut is slightly layered to hold three layers of deep waves with a touch of Hollywood glamor. But sharp-textured tips bring the waves up to date and add a fashionably shaggy mood. Asymmetry in the page separation and long, crossed fringes draw attention away from the center of the face. And there is more focus on the forehead and the eyes, framed by delicate waves. Notice how the waves end in peaks to the rear – not forward – as this is essential in minimizing a protruding nose or chin. And the model’s pretty smile and bright lipstick complete that flattering face blonde wavy medium bob !

Long wavy bob with chestnut balayage for fine hair

Most popular wavy haircuts for medium length hair, medium hairstyles 2018

Here’s a nice, natural hair color design on a simple long bob that fits perfectly on the model Cleavage was cut. This is a great style for medium to fine hair, as it does not depend on the natural volume to create the shape. The middle part is perfect to show the attractive symmetry of an oval face. And soft, face-forming waves were placed to accentuate eyes and lips in a flattering way. In addition, subtle balayage, which is just a few shades lighter, adds the look of thicker hair – along with a casual ruffle finish!

Flattering beige-blonde mid-length haircuts for round faces

Most Popular Wavy Haircuts for Medium Length Hair, Medium Hairstyles 2018

This year, there is something very appealing, popular beige-blond tones. They look closer to the natural blond tones and have a soft pearlescent, which are very flattering to medium (warm) skin tones. This casual mid-length bob haircut stands for relaxed chic from a slightly bent bob with textured, thin lace on the sides. And shorter layers around the chin soften the line and accentuate the lips of the model. The neck has blunt ends and chunky waves in beautiful beige tones. Medium brown with a touch of copper warms the roots and neck and creates a gentle contrast to the pearl-blonde sides.

Natural blonde look on straight middle bob

And here’s one of the newest, ‘natural’, blond color designs , It’s great for those who have baby-blond hair as a child, who later darkened disappointingly. LOL: /! So why not recapture a youthful mood with a expertly applied mix of beige and ivory blonde shades? And without dark roots, your hair looks sun kissed and flatters a pale skin with warm undertones. It’s also trendy, with ash-blonde tips that emphasize the slightly tipped texture at the ends. All in all, this is a great haircut for medium / fine hair because it does not rely on natural volume. Fits oval, heart-shaped or angular faces.