10 Tips For Keeping Him Interested

10 Tips For Keeping Him Interested

Simply finding a man to call your partner is often the easy part. Keeping him interested is the real challenge. Sure, it helps to be interesting by nature but a few tips can’t hurt.

1. Share his interests

If you two are interested in completely different things, there’s not a lot to have in common or to talk about. There’s no reason for him to want to spend more time with you and he start losing interest. Share his interests. Even if it’s just a strategy to keep him close to you at first, you may actually end up genuinely liking the same things.

2. Have a sense of humor

Nobody likes a person that can’t recognize a good joke or that has no sense of humor. So don’t be that person. It’s fun to play pranks on each other from time to time or simply to be funny and to see the other one enjoy this.

3. Give positive feedback

We only tend to give feedback to our partners when it has to do with something negative. But positive feedback is just as important. Tell him when he does something you like so he can repeat the gesture. He’ll also appreciate being complimented.

4. Don’t be needy

Just because you have a boyfriend doesn’t mean you have to erase your past, forget about your friends and your previous interests and start a completely new life devoted to him. Stay independent and don’t be needy.

5. Be spontaneous

It’s fun and interesting to be with someone that’s spontaneous. You never know what could happen next and there’s always room for surprise. You can’t possibly become bored with someone like that.

6. Share his friends

If his friends like you and find you interesting, fun and sexy, he’ll like you even more than he did before. Plus, if you get to meet his friends and they become your friends too, you’ll have a lot in common as a couple.

7. Have intelligent conversations

Guys love being able to have an intelligent conversation with someone and if that someone can be you then you’ll become the perfect partner. Find interesting subjects to discuss, come up with fun ideas and always argument your point of view.

8. Make him proud of you

Keep a guy interested by making him proud of you. It can be anything, from doing a great job at work to being a great cook, always looking awesome and so on. He’ll enjoy telling his friends how great you are and making them jealous.

9. Respect him

Show respect and he’ll respect you back. We’re not talking about the kind of respect imposed through fear or stature but about the kind of respect you earn and want to get from your partner in return.

10. Keep him intrigued

It’s great to have a partner that always surprises you, even after many years as a couple. So find new things to share with him about you or take on new hobbies and interests.