10 Stylish Girls That Really Know How to Rock A Mohawk

10 Stylish Girls That Really Know How to Rock A Mohawk

The mohawk, sometimes referred to as an iro, is a hairstyle that takes its name from an indigenous people of North America who inhabited the Mohawk Valley. However, there are some major differences between the modern mohawk and the original one, the most noticeable of which is the fact that the Mohawk people actually used to pull out the hair instead of shaving it.

It’s hard to imagine how a mohawk hairstyle can allow you to look feminine when it’s such a dramatic feature. But there are a few really awesome ways in which you can make it work. For example, give up the idea of shaving your head and opt instead for a braided mohawk. Actually this style is called Fauxhawk and there are numerous other ways in which you can adapt it to your style.

Try a messy look, a curly mohawk or even a perm. That would sure be an interesting approach that will turn some heads. Or you can use color to get a more dramatic look.

I guess the mohawk is a lot more versatile than we all anticipated. It’s not just a way for teenagers to make a statement but also a way to be bold and different without losing your femininity.

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