10 long pixie hairstyles for fitting & shallow – women, short haircut

10 long pixie hairstyles for fitting & shallow – women, short haircut

There is no doubt that our love for chic, long pixie hairstyles makes it clear how much this easy-care, fashionable cut overcomes some “beauty problems”! Fine or thin hair always looks thicker and has more volume when cut in a layered pixie cut. Certain color combinations and well-placed highlights can significantly change your facial features. Long pixies can be cut to take off a round face, “shorten” a long face, reduce a large nose, or hide a wide forehead with a trendy, laterally curved pony. Short haircuts increase the focus on your eyes, which is always flattering, and if you move the focus upwards, you’ll draw attention away from a double chin!

Send long pixie hairstyles in real ash blonde

 Chic Lange Pixie-Frisuren - Frauen-Haarschnitt für kurzes Haar

19659005] I noticed that many hair-fashion writers are confused between ash blonde and beige blonde. And that could lead to a terrible misunderstanding between you and your colorist! So you can identify the new blondes and decide which suits best to your complexion. Aschblond is definitely gray in tone, like the style shown above. But light beige-blond is a neutral shade that does not look gray or golden. Aschblond fits on pale skin with pink skin, because this signals cool undertones. Beige blond, however, is a softer hue that suits to cool, warm and neutral undertones in your complexion.

Wind-whipped chic long pixie hair for thick, coarse hair

 Chic Long Pixie Frisuren für Frauen Kurzes Haar

Thick, rough hair is perfect for this unstructured pixie haircut, as its natural volume and density does not look flat on you! This asymmetrical haircut has a deep side panel to cover a wide forehead on the heart-shaped face of the model. The cut also has messy tips that have been carefully thinned to avoid unwanted volume on the sides. The height above gives round, wide and heart-shaped faces a longer length and this haircut emphasizes the eyes and the red lips of the model. This draws the attention of a broad forehead and a narrow chin in a very well cut pixie hairstyle!

Lavender & white-blonde chic – long pixie hairstyles to balance the broad chin

 Chic Long Pixie Frisuren - Frauenhaarschnitt für kurze Haare Hair

Wow! This custom haircut in a cool futuristic color is another perfectly cut pixie cut that reflects the urban chic and balances its facial shape! The fluffy, textured pixie balances the elongated or “diamond-shaped” face of the model. This face shape is wider than usual between the nose and chin, with a strongly bent jaw instead of a tapered chin and chin. The face has strong, straight sides with a chisel-pointed chin. And if you look at the flattering shape of the textured top, you’ll find it reflects the shape of its broad jaw and sharp chin. The focus is firmly fixed on her central face – bright lips, nose ring, mirrors and the stunning cut and the color above – and not on the wide chin of the model! A brilliant job!

Send long pixie hairstyles to minimize a big nose

 Schicke lange Pixie-Frisuren - Frauen-Haarschnitt für kurzes Haar

Here you can see an attractive model with a clear complexion, big gray eyes and a nice chin line. In the before picture, however, there is a curved nose, which you will not see in the after shot. Hmm! Well, I know that the lighting in the afterimage has been improved, but the shorter hairstyle is much more flattering. The long bob has strong, straight lines that emphasize the solid line of the nose and forehead. But the short bob has no solid lines, so his face looks softer. The side part and the swept top give the crown a flattering height, and the wispy asymmetrical pony also tears up hard lines. In this style, the focus is on the model’s eyes, lips, and curved jaw, making her nose less noticeable.

What color should she keep – blond or brunette?

 Chic Long Pixie Frisuren - Frauenhaarschnitt für kurzes Haar [19659021] Credit </figcaption></figure>
<p> Hier ist eine interessante Frage – bevorzugen Sie die zwillingsblondine Pixie mit braunen Wurzeln <em> oder </em> die starken Linien der natürlich wirkenden Brünette? Nun, es ist klar, dass beide Blicke zu ihrem Hautton und ihrer Augenfarbe passen. Sie werfen jedoch die Frage auf, wie <em> Ihre Haarfarbe </em> die Art und Weise beeinflusst, auf die sich Menschen treffen, die Sie täglich treffen. Wir alle verwenden non-verbale Informationen wie Frisur, Haarkrankheit und Farbe, um neue Menschen zu bewerten, es ist nur ein Instinkt. Wenn Sie sich also für eine neue Haarfarbe entscheiden, machen Sie sich klar, welche Art von Bild <em> Sie </em> projizieren möchten! </p>
<h2> Natürlicher weißblonder, asymmetrischer Pixie mit langem Pony </h2>
<figure id= Chic Long Pixie Frisuren - Frauenhaarschnitt für kurzes Haar

Is the model of this model Ivory Blonde hair color natural or chemical? Well, due to her skin color and her healthy hair texture, I appreciate that she is by nature blonde hair, which is slightly lightened in this beautiful, fashionable shade. A trendy, side-swept Bob of Natural Blonde often needs help to achieve volume and movement as it is one of the thinnest hair types. However, this can easily be fixed with soft, disheveled waves that are casually draped around the model’s face in a fashionable, feminine pixie.

With this super chic long pixie

 können Sie eine große Stirn fixieren. Chic Long Pixie Frisuren - Frauenhaarschnitt für kurzes Haar

Do you remember when I said that all of us, if you do not notice it, have our first impression of new people partly on their hair? Well, this fabulous makeover now gives you the chance to try the idea! A picture shows a model with corkscrew curls in a casual, unstructured style. She does not wear a pony and has a tall, broad forehead that is out of all proportion to her lower face. Compare your impression of “before” with the “after” hair style, which aims to flatter your face shape. The trendy, asymmetric pixie cut Covers the big forehead perfectly with smooth, curved bangs. When you remove this curly volume, the face looks slimmer, and the side point draws attention to eyes, cheekbones, and ruby ​​lips!

Jaunty – Pixie makeover for thin hair

 Chic Long Pixie - Frisuren für Frauen Kurzes Haar

Smooth, fine hair does not look very good on long, straight hairstyles, as below a certain length the thin texture is emphasized. Compare the pictures before and after the picture above and you’ll see exactly why the short, layered pixie haircut is a better choice for fine or thin hair. The long cut may be blunt cut at the tips, but the hair is thin and long. However, the after-pic shows the image of a lively, young woman with a chic, modern hairstyle! The laterally curved layers create an attractive texture, more volume and stylish movements around the head. And with the original 3-point neck detail by Mary Quant, you’ve never thought that this model has a problem with the fine hair!

Smooth coffee & cream contrast – refined pixie cut for fine hair

 Chic Lange Pixie-Frisuren - Frauenhaarschnitt für kurzes Haar

The beautiful feature of fine hair is the silky texture and the soft feeling! And this pretty pixie cut with long layers shows the flowing lines and curvy shapes that you only get for fine hair. And to give hair style and interest that does not have much natural volume, try a sophisticated, two-tone hairstyle! The strong contrast makes the cream-colored upper layer almost jump out of the coffee-dark back and sides. And varied textures such as dark, buzzing sections and sharp side points give your silky blonde bangs a thicker look!

Amazing, Asymmetric Pixie with Copper Balayage on Dark Eggplant Hair “width =” 520 “height =” 1080 “>

At first glance, this color looks black, but it is actually a softer, warmer color from the new color series of “saturated” hair colors. In the past, dark colors needed some (hard) black in the mix, but the latest hair color products can create an intense, intense red or purple tone without adding black. So you get richer colors and stunning Balayage stripes in vivid, complementary tones! Yay! I finish today’s gallery with a really groundbreaking pixie cut and color and a cute single which also adorns the neck!