10 Edgy Pixie haircuts for women

10 Edgy Pixie haircuts for women

High-end haircuts currently being offered in international hairdressing salons. From what you have to wear with a small black dress to the latest “peaked cap” – these are the looks chosen by the rich and famous women of the world. And since no one is perfect, no matter how rich they are, you’ll find fabulous short haircuts to balance a long, round face or minimize a big nose! We are not allowed to own a yacht, girls, but we can certainly get the look!

Stylish Pixie Haircut, 2018 Best Short Hair Styles for Women

Here’s another fabulous pixie cut for straight hair with an exciting use of texture instead of waves or curls. The shape is asymmetrical from the side seam, allowing longer layers to be fringed outside the forehead. It’s not a real trick, but rather an exaggerated, sideways fringing that gives the profile view a lot of shape and style! The top is designed in a ripple effect, with a beautiful copper-beige balayage that highlights each section. The sides are long enough to be neatly combed behind the ear in a super chic, copper brown short haircut!

Stylish Pixie Haircut, 2018 Best Short Hairstyles for Women

The model actually has a long, thin face shape – but this skilfully sculpted pixie cut covers her forehead and reduces length. See how these beautiful, blue-green eyes are edged by a cleverly placed platinum rim! The longer side is tapered so that it only ends at the cheekbone and then folds out slightly, increasing the width of a narrow face. The combing of the hair from below the crown forward and against its natural growth direction gives the fine hair volume and shape. The asymmetry is extreme on the short, cut off side with a shadow cut. And that draws attention to the cute ear accessories and reduces the impression of a long face!

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<p> This young model is definitely ready for her ‘entry’ to a chic event!  And she has matched her trendy boho fashion style with a cute and quirky pixie.  The asymmetry remains soft and supple and shows the silky texture of fine hair <strong> </ strong>.  The highlighted in blond half-pin curls give the shorter side certainly a trendy texture.  Notice how the tips draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones, which are also framed by the softly falling pony.  The neck is elongated and fitted with a blonde to reflect the top-neutral blonde Balayage-Ombré.  </ P></p>
<h2> Chic, medium ash blonde short hairstyle with metallic finish </ h2></p>
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chunky, wavy pixie