10 Easy Mason Jar Desserts To Take Away

10 Easy Mason Jar Desserts To Take Away

Speaking of deserts, making them is not difficult. Everyone can do it if they have the recipe. So today we’re not going to focus on recipes but on ways in which you can make your desert special. For example, have you ever thought of serving it in a jar? It can be quite special and a nice way of expressing your originality.

Cheesecake in a Jar.

You can pretty much put anything in a jar. For example, here’s cheesecake in a jar. It’s decorated with fresh fruit on top and it’s a very practical idea for a picnic or simply if you want to be creative.{found on mybakingaddiction}.

Banana Coconut Cream Parfaits.

These are banana coconut cream parfaits. They are made with ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese and coconut milk. The reason why they are put in jars is simple: it’s easier to find space for the jars in the fridge and they’re already individual portions.{found on mybakingaddiction}.

S’mores jar cakes.

You can also make small cakes in a jar. These ones, for example, have buttery graham crusts, fluffy double chocolate chip cake and marshmallow toppings. The recipe is delicious and reminds us of the campfires you make when you adventure into the forest at night.{found on howsweeteats}.

Diy cupcake in a jar.

Cupcakes in a jar can also be fun to make. You basically put the batter in the cupcake pan and bake it for about 17 minutes. Then you let them cool off, slice them in half and put a bottom in each jar. Then add a layer of frosting and add the top and another layer of frosting.{found on mycakies}.

Rainbow cake in a jar.

This rainbow cake looks amazing, especially in a jar. It’s made with white cake mix and neon food coloring. Spray the jars with nonstick cooking spray and add layers of colorful cake batter. Put the jars in a baking dish with a little water and put it in the oven. Then let the jars cool completely an put some sprinkles on the cake.{found on babble}.

Pie in a jar.

Another very fun and cute idea which we almost forgot about is to make pies in a jar. You basically cut the pie crust into small pieces for each jar, cover the sides and then fill the jar with whatever mix you have chosen. Top it with crust or fresh fruit.{found on thenerdswife}.

Peach cobbler in a mason jar.

This is peach cobbler in a jar. Here’s what you have to do: put a silicone mat in an ovenproof baking dish and put the mason jars inside. Make the mix in a bowl and then combine it peach slices in the jar. Bake it for 30-35 minutes and let the jars cool off before serving.{found on babble}.

White chocolate lemon.

When you think about it, a trifle is the perfect recipe to serve in a jar. This ia a white chocolate and lemon trifle. You basically put a layer a cake, then a layer of white chocolate pudding and then a layer of lemon curd and repeat until the jar in full.{found on pauladeen}.

Banana bread in a jar.

Monkey bread in a jar can also be a nice idea for a desert. Spray the jars with cooking spray and put them in a deep sided baking tray. Distribute the coated biscuit pieces in the jars and then add some sugar mixture. Bake it for 10-15 minutes and enjoy.{found on babble}.

Mason jar food.

Another very nice and practical idea can be to make layered dip for the tortilla chips. Make different types of sauce and layer them in the jar. Combine the colors and flavors as you want and each time one is finished another one will be discovered.{found on savvymom}.

Apple pie in a jar.

We finish with a cute apple pie in a jar. You basically do the same thing as for a regular pie but in smaller portions. You put the crust, then the filling and the topping and you put it in the oven. Everyone will have their own little apple pie and they’ll all be delicious.{found on thriftdee}.