10 DIY Flower Bouquets For A Special Wedding

10 DIY Flower Bouquets For A Special Wedding

Every bride wants to feel special on her wedding day and an easy way of making sure that happens is by personalizing and customizing certain key elements such as the bouquet. There are lots of DIY bouquets you could make. For example, mine is made with colored paper flowers. Here are some more great ideas.

If you’re planning a rustic wedding then a simple bouquet like this one would be just perfect. This one is made with around 15 stems of Queen Anne’s lace and various grasses plus some died wheat. It’s wrapped with burlap and lace.{found on site}.

Another beautiful idea for a rustic wedding is this bouquet made with chamomile flowers, floral tape, ribbon and a corsage pin. It’s minimal and it’s actually very romantic.{found on apracticalwedding}.

A romantic bouquet can be simple even if it has more than one type of flower. For example, this one is very beautiful and it’s made white, yellow and soft pink flowers, tied and wrapped in floral tape, fabric and lace.{found on 100layercake}.

White and green is one of my favorite combinations. It’s refreshing, simple and very chic. It’s why I like this bouquet so much. It’s made with white roses, freesia, hypericum, and ruscus.{found on bonnieprojects}.

You can also combine several colors such as white, pink and orange in different shades. Roses usually come in any color you want so it’s easy to make such a bouquet. Just pick the colors and wrap the stems nicely.{found on site}.

A more original idea would be to have a paper flower bouquet. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet that show you how to make the flowers. This one is entirely white but you can also combine bold colors and you can even make different types of paper flowers.{found on ellinee}.

And since we started talking about unusual materials which you can use for the bridal bouquet, here’s one made from fabric and buttons. The flowers feature simple patterns and they have large buttons in the center.{found on weddingchicks}.

Another wacky idea would be to make a button and bead bouquet. You would first have to gather all sorts of buttons and beads in different shapes and colors and then you start making all the flowers. You can come up with designs on the spot.{found on offbeatbride}.

Now let’s get back to the real flowers. This is a summer bouquet and, as you can see, it features bright and cheerful colors and delicate flowers. It’s a very interesting combination of shades, shapes and sizes and they all complement each other beautifully.{found on ohlovelyday}.

This is a simple but eye-catching bouquet. To make it, you need to determine how the center will look like and then construct the bouquet around it. Add flowers and grasses and keep it simple but with a bold touch.{found on site}.