10 DIY Beach Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

10 DIY Beach Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

I love the idea of having a wedding on the beach. It seems like a very romantic location and it’s also something a little bit more casual than most wedding venues. It’s also a great opportunity to get creative and to come up with all sorts of great ideas for things like wedding favors. Here are some wonderful DIY ideas.

Get a bunch of mini glass bottles with corks and put inside a beautiful message for your guests. It’s romantic and quite suitable for the venue.

You could make some beautiful ornaments using sand and starfish. They’re easy and rather cheap to make and they’ll be wonderful reminders for the guests.

Of course, seashells are the obvious choice for such a wedding. To make them look more interesting, you can turn them into candles and you can use different colors for the wax.

You can also use glass jars in which you can mix the ingredients for a delicious cake or treat. Decorate them with shells or starfish.

Another interesting idea can be to offer the guests sea glass soap favors. It’s unusual and not difficult to get.

Instead of putting a message inside the glass bottles you can fill them with seashells and sand. Give your guests something to take home with them that will remind them of this beautiful occasion.

Colored sand favors can also be a wonderful option. You can create all sorts of interesting patterns and designs and you can pick the colors you’ve chosen for the wedding.{found on evermine}.

Another nice idea can be to fill glass bottles, jars or containers with sea salt. Decorate them beautifully and offer the guests something they can actually use.

Instead of using actual seashells and starfish for the favors, you can simply use the symbolism and offers, for example, seashell-shaped chocolate treats.

My favorite beach wedding favor idea would have to be a clear glass container with fine sand inside and with some beautiful shells on top.