10 Cute Hairstyles For Your Little Flower Girl

10 Cute Hairstyles For Your Little Flower Girl

Flower girls are the cutest little things at a wedding, especially when you see them all dressed up with fluffy princess dresses and beautiful hairstyles. Speaking of which, the hairstyle usually completes the look and there are so many lovely options to choose from apart from the same old ponytail.

A ladder braid is an elegant option and not that difficult to execute even though it may seem that way. You just need a bit of dexterity and patience. Because it’s not your typical, classic braid, it looks simple but at the same time it looks special.{found on girlydohairstyles}.

A thin side braid can also look cute on a flower girl and you can make this style your own by accessorizing it with cute little colorful clips or improvizing depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

Or, if you want something a bit more casual but still stylish and elegant, how about two loose braids framing your little flower girl’s face and ending up in two quirky knots?

A braid pullback accessorized with a few flower clips can look really beautiful on long hair. Start with a zig-zag part at the top of the head and then make two sections. Then make two 4 strand braids and tie them back with a rubber band. Then twist them and tie them at the bottom as well.{found on babesinhairland}.

Or perhaps something a bit more playful would be more appropriate. Try a Minnie Mouse hairstyle. It’s not that difficult to get it right and it looks really cute, not too playful but not too grown up either.{found on createcrafts}.

The flower girl’s hairstyle needs to be in tune with the whole theme and style of the wedding so, for example, a bohemian, casual wedding can make all those elegant hairstyles look a bit out of place. Choose instead something simpler like a headband accessorized with fabric flowers.

Or try a dressed up headband where you take a scarf, turn it into a headband and then decorate it with small sections of hair until you basically create a lattice over it. You can experiment with other designs as well and even come up with your own ideas.{found on babesinhairland}.

If your little flower girl has long, think hair, then you can have fun with a lot of great hairstyles. For example, two loose braids with beautiful curls would make her look extremely beautiful.

Or maybe she wants her hairstyle to match that of a bride. If it’s an updo, things are not as complicated as you may think. Start with a ponytail and then wrap small sections of hair around your fingers and secure the loops with bobby pins.{found on babesinhairland}.

A half French braid is another stylish options for flower girls with long hair. First make a part on top of the head. Start the braid and gradually add hair, only to the left side of the braid until you pass the left ear. Then start adding hair from the right side until you’re finished.{found on babesinhairland}.