10 Chic Satchels For A Stylish Start In School

10 Chic Satchels For A Stylish Start In School

Although school is not the place to showcase your outfits and accessories, this doesn’t mean that everyone should dress ugly and without personality. There’s nothing wrong with being careful about the way you look. A stylish satchel can be a very nice accessory that combines style with functionality.

Clean and simple but without being boring, this satchel is ideal for school. It’s big enough to hold your papers and everything else and it has a bold color. It’s also somewhere between casual and formal so it goes will any type of outfit.

A little bit more glamorous but still quite simple, this satchel is perfect for those days when you only need to carry a few pieces of paper and a pen. Small notebooks will also fit nicely in it.

If you prefer the rustic, weathered look then this satchel would be perfect for you. It’s a messenger style bag, very simple and very functional. Wear it around the shoulder and don’t worry about a thing.

Also retro but a little bit more traditional, this satchel features a more weathered look than the previous one. The double buckle gives it attitude and the size is perfect for wearing it at school.

Similar to the messenger satchel, this one is also chic and stylish. It’s also big enough for you to carry your laptop in it. The canvas gives it a more casual and versatile look and the combination of colors is simple and chic.

Sleek and simple, this satchel has a smart retro look and it’s great for those that prefer something practical that can fit all the notebooks and textbooks. Although it might not stand out a lot, you can accessorize it with bold colors.

Fashionable and elegant, this satchel is perfect for students that want to look feminine without sacrificing practicality. It’s smaller than some other models but it’s perfect for those days when all you need to take with you is a pen and a piece of paper.

This satchel has a very unusual but also timeless design. The combination of geometric print and Aztec pattern is eye-catching and the choice of colors is also very inspired.

This is another retro satchel. It has a classical look that will make you look neat and simple without being boring.

This handmade satchel will definitely make you stand out. The color is bold and beautiful and the design is not to be ignored either.