10 Chic And Easy DIY Button Bracelet Ideas

10 Chic And Easy DIY Button Bracelet Ideas

Buttons are very versatile and they come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, colors and materials. This gives you lots of possibilities to use them for creative and original projects. For example, you could make yourself some lovely accessories using buttons. Let’s take a look and see what you can do.

Button bracelet.

For example, you could make a lovely button bracelet. You need wax cord and two buttons, a small one and a large one which will be the piece de resistance for your bracelet. Braid the cord and thread it through the small button then make a loop at the other end.{found on ispydiy}.

Buttons collection on a bracelet.

You could also make a very nice button necklace. Take a piece of thread and measure it. Fold it in half and put a bead at one end. Then start adding the buttons one by one. You can use different sizes and colors. Make a loop at the other end and you’re done.{found on cutoutandkeep}.

Easy diy bracelet.

Here’s another idea for a button bracelet. Take a piece of elastic and wrap it around your wrist, cut it to size and sew the ends together. Then start sewing buttons onto the elastic. You can also add other tiny decorations.{found on savvysugar}.

Beautiful bracelet.

Another easy idea would be to use thread. Cut the thread and make sure it’s twice as long as the circumference of your wrist. Make a loop making sure it’s exactly the size needed for a button to pass through. Then start threading the buttons and make a loop.{found on sweetpaulmag}.

Another one!

Here’s how you can make a charm bracelet using buttons. Measure how long you want the bracelet to be and add or remove pieces from the chain to make it right. Then attach the clasp ends to the chain with jump rings. Do the same thing with the medium and large jump rings. Add the buttons and you’re done.{found on psmiyo}.

Colorful bracelet.

This is a bracelet you can make in less than 30 minutes. You need thread and buttons. Measure the thread and fold it in half, make a loop big enough for the end button to pass through and tie a knot. Then add the rest of the buttons.{found on savedbylovecreations}

Holiday bracelet.

This is a holiday-inspired bracelet perfect for Christmas but you can adapt the design if you want. You basically have to attach the buttons with jump rings and to add the mechanism that allows you to secure the bracelet. Then add the charms.{found on thehandmedownhouse}.


Easy to make a chic, this bracelet only has one button. It’s made with wax cord which you fold in half and then thread through the holes of the button. You can combine colors as you want.

Cuff Bracelet.

This bracelet is my favorite. To make it you need a piece of fabric, wide tape, small beads and buttons. Sew the buttons onto the fabric after you have decided on a design. Fill the gaps with small beads. The tape is just to help you visualize the design before you start sewing.{found on pearlsandscissors}.

Kids bracelet.

Our final project is an elastic button bracelet. This one is made with large buttons but you can use any size you want. Measure and cut the elastic to size and then thread it through the holes of the buttons. Tie a knot and a little bow at the end and that’s all.{found on elasticbytheyard}.