10 Amazing DIY Heel Hacks You Should Try

10 Amazing DIY Heel Hacks You Should Try

Every girl should own at least one nice pair of heels. You don’t have to be the type that wears heels to work and everywhere else to like to feel nice and elegant every once in a while. You also don’t need an excuse to want to make your shoes look a little more interesting with a little DIY project. Here are 10 great projects perfect for heels.

Don’t your shoes look better when they have a little spark of color on them? Of course, it’s hard to find the right combination of colors in the store so what you can do is buy a pair of simple black shoes and give them a makeover.{found on apairandasparediy}.

How about some spikes on your sexy shoes? That should make them stand out. You can attach the spikes yourself. The best place for them is at the back, just above the heel. {found on apairandasparediy}.

A pair of sparkly shoes can really make an outfit stand out. But what if you don’t have such shoes? The solution is simple: you make one. You need glitter, glue and a pair of heels. {found on apairandasparediy}.

Here’s a situation you can probably relate to: you own or you see a pair of shoes with just the right design but it’s not the color you want. What do you do? You give them a makeover. Turn your black heels into an eye-catching pair of neon shoes.{found on cheapchicobsession}.

Sometimes even the smallest of details can make the different between a regular pair of shoes and one with visual appeal. For example, if you want your heels to have a more bohemian look you can take some lace and glue and change their design in no time.{found on site}.

if you’re the type that likes rhinestones and all these sparkly little details, you can add some of your favorite jewels to your shoes. You’ll need a pair of heeled shoes, glue and rhinestones in different shapes and sizes. Apply them one by one using tweezers.{found on honestlywtf}.

How about some tribal charm for your high heels? It’s easy to get this look by simply attaching beads to your shoes. Choose any color combination you want.{found on site}.

You don’t usually see high heels with shoe laces. There’s probably a good reason for that but this doesn’t mean you can’t change this. The shoe laces will keep your heels tight on your feet and it will be easier to walk on them too. It’s both original and practical.[found on britt}.

You can add sparkle to your shoes in a more subtle manner too. Here’s how: you apply glue and glitter to the interior of the heel and the portion of the sole that doesn’t touch the ground. It’s chic, simple and not at all overwhelming for the eye. {found on site}.

Want to add some color to your shoes? Why don’t you paint the heels? Just tape off the shoe, paint the heel any color you want, preferably something that will contrast with the rest of the shoe, remove the tape and let the paint dry completely.{found on britt}.